Saturday, March 04, 2006

when you know you are getting old..

There are a few startling moments when you reckon that you are getting old in the face of this earth..
  • when your friends are only talking abt their spouses and children
  • when the everyouth actors of your time suddenly start looking old on screen..dont believe preity zinta in 'dil se' and compare it with 'salaam namaste'
  • when you are discussing recipes with friends
  • when items like buying a house, investments and loans feature frequently in your conversations with friends and colleagues
  • when children start calling u 'aunty' or 'uncle' .. my neighbor's child even had a theory behind that..she told me that those who were still studying are didis and those who are working are aunties...
  • when kids come and ask u.."how did you guys communicate without sms and cellphone and internet"! seriously how the hell did we survive without all these?!
  • when you start looking at fwds as a nuisance ..thank god! those days of fwding to 10 other people to get moksha or to stop a disaster are over..
  • when 'Economic Times' starts making a lot of sense
  • when you are wondering how this year's budget would impact you
  • when you start understanding Ayn Rand's works


Lavanya Seetharaman said...

Yes,I wud rather look at SRK in DIlse than Preity...
I absolutely agree with the recipe thing..Oh MY god..I have all these I getting old :-(

Sambit Kumar Dash said...

Couple of more may be:

- When technology hardly remains a passion but a legacy.
- Discussing with fervor bothers you and you start looking at it as pure nuisance value.
- When you start staring at your boss' wall clock as the rule to sitting in appraisal meetings than to listen to him.
- When you know you have to do the talking when you don't absolutely want to.

Ramya said...

That sounds more like over-working than aging! You should work a bit lesser I think :-)

Sambit Kumar Dash said...

I don't work hard.

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